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Supermercati Tosano is one of the main exponents of Organized Distribution in the territory between the Provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Mantua.

At the beginning of the second half of the 2000’s, the company began a growth path characterised by the development of turnover both with network parity as well as with new openings. They made a very important commercial choice, accomplishing a food-only hypermarket format, with a very wide and far-reaching offer, continuity in offering very low prices and absence of promotional activities, thus obtaining immediate consumer-appreciation.

In this context, the company was faced with the need to have new tools and support models for commercial governance and network control, as well as for the control of the Human Resources area.

Supermercati Tosano then adopted the solutions of Suite E3, which allowed it:

  •  In the Commercial area, the supply of a very detailed Repository with sales data on receipt lines and all goods handling in logistics; the activation of a daily reporting, on a daily basis and with particular weekly attention, on the monitoring of margin differences; the verification at the beginning of each week of the assortments on the basis of sales and purchase data for the previous weeks; the processing every three or four weeks, the processing of fresh department scales and the overall inventory differences are determined by comparing the theoretical margin to the actual margin
  • In the Human Resources area, the daily collection of employee presence data for each person and cost centre; the daily determination of the cost of temporary agency work based on the details of store attendance and tariff agreements with temporary employment companies; the provision of all reporting services.

Through the E3 Suite, Tosano Supermarkets has achieved a steady increase in marginality and productivity over the last 10 years with increasingly better-assorted stores. The management control function was also strengthened from an organisational point of view.

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