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THE SOLUTION E3 MORE AND MORE INNOVATIVE IN ANALYSIS AND RATING SALES NETWORK AND CUSTOMER THE SOLUTION E3 – RELEASE OF THE NEW VERSION OF THE RATING AND FIDELITY MODULE Our commitment to innovation and the offer to customers of application modules is always strong, strongly oriented towards business issues and at the same time […]

November 16, 2017

The Gruppo Pan Spa chooses E3 to make a quantum leap in business governance systems

The Pan Group, an important reality of modern distribution in Sardinia with 60 sales outlets located throughout the territory, chooses the E3 Performance Management solutions to acquire control and governance of different business areas and improve its business performance. The company needed 360° Management Control covering all areas regarding profitability and cost. In particular, the […]

Self Italia chooses E3 to improve the management of key business areas

Self Italia is an Italian distribution chain specialised in “Do-it-yourself”. With its 29 huge size stores, it can offer its customers a wide choice of 50,000 items in many categories. It also offers a convenient e-commerce service. To ensure maximum efficiency and productivity in the Commercial and Logistics areas, the company needed to acquire control […]

Ballarini chooses E3 as modern Management Control system

Ballarini, a leading company in the high end of non-stick cooking tools, as well as one of the main European companies in the sector, chooses the E3 Performance Management Platform to make its Management Control System more modern and functional. In particular, the company needed solutions that would allow it to become independent from manual […]

Soluzioni di business intelligence per l'industria | E3 SUITE

E3 is new: more intuitive interface and new features

The E3 Business Performance Management Platform is now completely redesigned in interface and services, but not only. Some of the main features have been updated and improved to make the Suite’s use experience easier and more intuitive. However, which are the substantial novelties of E3? Below is a brief list of updates to the platform. […]

FederFARMACO chooses the Commercial Profitability application of Suite E3

FederFARMACO S.p.A., which includes over 20 drug distribution cooperatives that serve about 2/3 of pharmacies throughout the country, has chosen Suite E3 to support the processes of collaboration with the drug and para-pharmacy industry. The Oracle Enterprise 12C database, chosen as a technology platform, has been integrated with the Commercial Profitability application of the E3 […]

ePrice chooses the Commercial Profitability application of Suite E3

ePrice – the leading Italian operator in e-Commerce with a great competence and experience in the sale of high-tech products and household appliances and with a catalogue of over 1 million different products – aimed at controlling the commercial supply chain, regarding margins, given the dynamic conditions of purchase and sale on the online market. […]

Supermercati Tosano chooses E3 Suite Performance Management Solutions

Supermercati Tosano is one of the main exponents of Organized Distribution in the territory between the Provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Mantua. At the beginning of the second half of the 2000’s, the company began a growth path characterised by the development of turnover both with network parity as well as with new openings. They […]

The E3 platform, renewed in its functionality, opens at Data Visualization with Qlik

The E3 Performance Management Platform is in continuous evolution and has reached version 11 to be released shortly. Some features have been updated and improved to make them easier to use, such as: The rewriting of the E3 Portal for interfaces and services; The total renewal of the Data – Entry Web for data editing […]

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