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The growing demand for Business Performance Management time and cost effective solutions led us to diversify our selection.

We can offer analytical applications specially developed to meet specific requirements (e.g. Industrial product cost, commercial profitability, profit and loss account, etc.) thanks to a long term modular offer. You can benefit from a full Business Performance Management system tailored to your needs and with a fast return on investment

The specialised industry solutions aim at covering the main functional areas and are complementary to the Budget and Forecast module that favours the management of the predictive process and its control related to individual areas (Business profitability, Profit and Loss Account, Product Cost, Human Resources).

These solutions are also parametrised and ready-to-use applications.

Management control solutions for the retail industry cover the main areas of interest concerning performance governance: Stores, Staff leave, Logistics, Workforce.

Different application areas are fully supported by the Budget and Forecast module. It does not only favour predictive procedures and individual area controls, but it also enables the integration of different budgets aimed at developing an integrated budgeting process.



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