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The Unicomm Group is an expert in the organised distribution sector. It is one of the key Italian companies in this sector, characterised by a multi-channel presence with more than 100 branches as supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carry stores.



Implementing a solution to analyse sales, margins and main commercial indicators, building up an aggregated data warehouse in order to obtain OLAP analysis and standard reports. The application will help the sales staff and management control team. Furthermore, the solution has to be available on other channels, so that the entire Group can have access to it in order to allow a comprehensive approach.




Thanks to the Business Intelligence solution created by Bis Retail, the Unicomm Group integrated all the data needed to provide its users with an integrated dashboard onto one single analysis platform which was able to provide all important information to manage any market phenomenon. All the users and management control executives now benefit from an easy-to-use solution, completely addressing their analysis expectation needs. At the moment, Unicomm is providing this solution to all its point of sales.

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