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Self Italia s an all-Italian distribution chain specialized “do-it-yourself”. Its 29 shops are large enough to offer its customers a wide choice of 50,000 items, in the categories of gardening, construction, lighting, tooling, carpentry, decorating, plumbing, heating, accident prevention, etc.. It also offers an E-commerce service.



The company needed to acquire control and governance of the sales and logistics area in order to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

  • Commercial Area there was a need to adopt an integration and informative enrichment model based on data flows fed by the basic information systems that would allow the acquisition of data both of the goods cycle of the distribution centres and of the goods cycle of the sales network. The ultimate aim was to make this information available to officials, through the creation of a single and organic "repository" of management data;
  • Logistics Area or the four logistics areas (Warehouse Operations, Distribution and Transport Area, Supply and Services Area, Warehouse Stock Area) it was necessary to guarantee: Service Level Measurement and Control; Control and Improvement of Internal Handling Processes and Warehouse Management; Improvement of Product Rotation; Control and Reduction of Operating and Financial Costs; Feedback of the Platform Income Statement with Management Data.

Solution Self has chosen Suite E3 evaluating as the strong points of the solution:

  • Dialog Sistemi's consolidated experience in the Retail sector
  • the technology able to acquire, analyse and enrich information sources
  • the immediate availability of data consultation by users the possibility of having a Report and Analysis Set, widely customizable directly by users
  • the availability of applications ready to use



Through the Software E3 Performance Management Platform, Self has been able to achieve its goals in a short period of time for the different business areas.

Commercial Area

  • Centralisation of all data
  • Daily reporting to the entire sales network and the main head office functions with the involvement of the Purchasing, Marketing, Sales and Management Control departments
  • Total autonomy of operational functions in extrapolating data for internal processes
  • Availability of a complete data dashboard with margins, stock cost for Buyers in order to plan promotional activities and support negotiation processes
  • Preparation of some vertical tools for programming and monitoring promotional activities. Programming anticipates the needs and intersects them with stock and order data in order to highlight potential stock outs in advance or during the promotional campaign, but also any discrepancies in store behaviour
  • Preparation of an assortment monitoring tool that, by highlighting the products in a priority scale (ABC), favours the replenishment of the store or delisting of marginal products

Logistics area

A productivity monitoring tool has been set up for the purpose of outsourcing service remuneration.

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