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Gruppo PAN since the 1980s it has been an important reality in modern distribution in Sardinia thanks to its 60 Sale Points (Iper Pan, Super Pan e Discount) which guarantee employment and economic support to the whole island. The Group stands out for the high quality of its products and the professionalism of its staff. A solid reality, always attentive to novelties and respect for the territory.



The company needed to acquire control and governance of different areas in order to maximize productivity, improve its business performance and have a unified vision of corporate data. In particular:

  • Commercial Area: it had the need to acquire data on both the goods cycle of the distribution centres and the goods cycle of the sales network;
  • Human Resources Area: it needed to acquire payroll and attendance data by cross referencing them with sales in order to develop their productivity;
  • Management Control Area: it required the production of Economic and Financial Accounts for Companies and Economic Accounts of Sales Points that would allow, in addition to a vision of detail, also a unitary vision of the Group and a uniform vision for Formats/Channels.
It also required the supervision of Forecast and Budget processes.


PAN Group has chosen E3, the Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse platform of Dialog Sistemi, evaluating as strengths of the solution:

  • the consolidated experience of Dialog Sistemi in the Retail sector
  • the possibility of having a Set of Reports and Analysis, widely customizable directly by users
  • technology able to acquire, analyse and integrate information sources
  • the ease of use that allows the development of business intelligence applications and the management of corporate performance, in a short space of time
  • the availability of applications ready to use. In addition, the user-guided applications of Suite E3 allow to manage different information: from data collection, to management of reclassifications, from constipation to overturns up to budget projections..



Through the business intelligence software platform E3 , in a short time PAN Group has managed to achieve its objectives of control and governance of the different business areas.

Sales area

  • Release of daily sales/margin reports to all business functions
  • Margin periodically updated with national contracts thanks to the retroactive calculation at the level of individual sales movements
  • Analysis of the real margin (link at costs, revenues and inventories) up to article retail on the basis of inventories.

Human Resources

  • Calculation of labour costs (including temporary ones) and distribution on stores according to their presence
  • Structure of a structured structure of labour costs for targeted analysis
  • Integration of hourly scheduling of shop activities and comparison with actual attendance figures

Economic Management Control Area

  • Increase in the frequency of economic reporting from three months to one month thanks to the use of commercial data and human resources, in addition to the integration of accounting movements
  • Structure of a structured structure of labour costs for targeted analysis
  • Activation of a budget and economic Forecast system, the latter can produce every month a forecast to close on the basis of rules defined by users
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